OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 12/17/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 12/17/08


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Rex: Okay, now, listen. Just because he's big, from the North Pole, and rolls nine reindeers deep, does not mean you have to be scared of him. We will be right here with you every step of the way.

Shane: Ha-ha, very funny.

Gigi: You do realize he got wise to Santa a while ago.

Rex: Not this Santa.

Shane: Look, I'm not a kid. Santa doesn't exist. They're all fakes.

Bo: Sure you want to take that chance, kid?

Rex: I believe in you, man. What are you going to bring me?

Rex: So could you hook me up with one of those eyeglasses with the special hidden camera built in? Oh, and I'm also going to need a globe tracker extreme with GPS. It would really help boost the surveillance side of my P.I. business. Oh, and I'm going to need all the bells and whistles, too. Aren't you going to say "Ho ho ho"?

Bo: All I want is for the police athletic league to find somebody else to do this next year. That and maybe a bottle of Ibuprofen.

Marcie: I might have some in my purse if you want it.

Bo: That's all right, Marcie, really, I'm okay. You enjoying yourselves?

Gigi: Yeah, Rex and Marcie are helping me show Shane his first Yankee Christmas.

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