OLTL Best Lines Thursday 12/11/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 12/11/08


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Marty: Can you tell me everything I did to you and why?

Andrew: Well, we -- well, it was years ago. We were very young. And, um, you know, you expressed an interest in me, God knows why. And I just didn't feel the same way.

Marty: So I came on to you and because you weren't interested, I tried to ruin your reputation? I told you I read about myself online. But I'd rather hear about it from you.

Andrew: You -- you started some false rumors, told people -- my parishioners -- that I was gay and that I had seduced this young boy.

Marty: Oh, my God. So this is -- this is really who I am.

Andrew: No, no, this is not who you are. You changed. You -- you came to me, Marty, and then you asked for forgiveness. We became good friends. I counseled you for a long time.

Marty: Was I religious?

Andrew: I think "spiritual," probably a better word. You know what you had? You had this belief in a power that was greater than yourself and it was that belief that got you through, you know, so many challenges.

Marty: You mean the rape.

Andrew: Well, that was a terrible time, but you got through it. And you got married, you became a therapist, you had a beautiful son. You were a good wife. You were a great friend.

Marty: So basically what you're telling me is that it took Todd Manning raping me for me to become a better person? That's what you're saying.

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