OLTL Best Lines Friday 12/5/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 12/5/08


Provided By Wanda

Noelle: Robin's coming here? Oh -- oh, oh, oh. I can't meet him with my hair looking like this!

Roxy: What are you talking about? Once everybody sees your hair, they're going to be copying it. Remember Dorothy Hamill and the wedge?

Moe: We're not going to be on TV, but it's only a matter of time. Remember how they did that special on celebrity chefs?

Noelle: You're going to work for a celebrity? Oh, God, Moe, who is it? Tell me it's the Dixie Chicks -- I love them.

Moe: Nope. It's somebody right here in town.

Noelle: But what celebrity lives here in Llanview?

Moe: Only the style maven herself. Dorian Lord?

Roxy: Oh, honey, everybody knows Dorian Lord. She's got almost as much money as Buffett and she lives in this big house with a funny French name like Boo-Blay?

Moe: You met her. She raved about my bouillabaisse.

Noelle: Oh, the one who kept asking for the clean fork?

Moe: She has got the most educated palate in this town.

Roxy: Well, she married Viki's father because he was kind of, like, loaded.

Noelle: She's Viki's stepmother?

Roxy: Well, just for a little while, and then it went south because he got offed.

Noelle: She killed her husband?

Roxy: Well, not really, but she ended up on death row anyway.

Noelle: You want to go work for a convicted murderer?

Moe: She was innocent.

Roxy: At least that time.

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