OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 12/3/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 12/3/08


Provided By Wanda

Bess: I follow Tess when she wreaks havoc. I mop up when I can.

Dr. Levin: Do you always come out after a visit from Tess?

Bess: I only come out when it's absolutely necessary. I'm not looking for recognition. I'm looking for order.

Dr. Levin: What would you consider worthy of absolute necessity?

Bess: It's my job to take care of Jessica, no matter what. She's been through so much. I can't let her know that her baby died. It would kill her and we can't have that. That's why you're here -- to replace her baby, to give Jessica hope. This is a pointless conversation, doctor........ Everything is fine. The baby is healthy, Tess is gone, so Jessica can go and take care of her children.

Dr. Levin: I can't allow Jessica to care for herself, or her children, until she is much, much stronger than she is, Bess.

Bess: You mean integration, don't you? Highly overrated state of mind. As long as Tess is under control, which she is, there's no problem.

Dr. Levin: It's not that simple. And I think you know that. Also, integration is highly overrated to you, because when it happens, you cease to exist.

Bess: This works for us. It always has. Don't get in the way of progress.

Dr. Levin: I think you're the one holding up the successful integration of the three of you. You didn't hold it up before. So my question is, this time, are the stakes higher? Do you have something to hide?

Bess: Isn't that what they call "psychobabble"?

Dr. Levin: You're avoiding answering my question, Bess.

Bess: Because I don't want to be here. I've told you that.

Dr. Levin: Then maybe I should talk to Tess.

Bess: Do you think she'd be more in favor of integration than I am?

Dr. Levin: No, but maybe she'll tell me what you won't. Maybe Tess can fill in the blanks.

Bess: No. I fill in the blanks. I protect Jessica from Tess, and from knowledge that will destroy her.

Dr. Levin: Which is what?

Bess: That's it. This ends now.

Dr. Levin: What are you protecting Jessica from, Bess? What happened that you're so desperate to hide?

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