OLTL Best Lines Tuesday 11/25/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Tuesday 11/25/08


Provided By Wanda

Tina: You want to know what happened?

Sarah: Yes, that's what I said.

Tina: Ok, uh... David Vickers had puppies.

Sarah: David Vickers is a girl?

Tina: Yeah. Trust me, I was was surprised as anyone. Oh, here, sweetie. Oh, oh. It's a boy, I think. ....... You're not going to tell me, are you?

Tina: Honey, it -- that's not important now. What's important is for me to be able to see your beautiful face.

Sarah: Yeah, right. Where are you going to go?

Tina: Um, I don't know. Not Mendorra. Not Maryland, and certainly not Argentina.

Sarah: What about Cain?

Tina: No, I have to do this myself. No Cain, no Cord.

Sarah: No David Vickers?

Tina: Well, I'm not going to be that alone. And neither will you.

Sarah: You're giving him to me?

Tina: Yeah. You'd be a better mother to him than I ever was to you.

Sarah: Mom, this is crazy. All those years where I didn't see you, and now you're leaving again?

Tina: Honey, I really wish I didn't have to.

Sarah: Well, then don't. Stay. It's Thanksgiving.

Tina: Honey, I... I can't, ok, but... take care of the puppy, ok? And know that -- I mean, he means well. Even though sometimes he makes mistakes, just... just like someone else you know.

Sarah: I love you, Mom.

Tina: And I love you. Honey, just know that if you see anything good in me at all, it's because of you. And, uh -- waterproof mascara, huh? I always swear by it.

Sarah: One last little bit of motherly advice?

Tina: Yes. I never was very good at saying goodbye.

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