OLTL Best Lines Thursday 10/23/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 10/23/08


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Todd: When the baby comes out, we're going to hand it off to you and you run it down to the doctor's office.

Janet: Well, why can't a delivery nurse do that?

Todd: But it has to be someone we trust, you see?

Janet: Why -- why does this have to be me?

Todd: Because something's going to go wrong with the kid.

Janet: And what is going to go wrong?

Todd: Well, I don't know. The doctor's going to say something went wrong with the kid and your job is to take it out of there before Starr and everybody else figures out it's not true.

Tess: Holy cow -- he makes me look like Mother Teresa.

Janet: My God, I hope you're not planning to do what I think you are. You are going to make your daughter believe that her baby is dead?

Todd: Why not? She's planning on giving up the kid anyway -- ahem. And, you know, this baby's going to make Marty happy. Just keep thinking of that -- that's what you want for her, right?

Janet: Not if it means doing this. I mean, really -- do you think I am going to go and take that baby so that Marty can have it?

Tess: You said it, girlfriend.

Todd: If not for Marty, then why don't you do it for yourself? Would you prefer that I went to the people in Llanview who you scammed years ago and said, uh, "that's Lee Halpern"? Don't worry about that. I -- you know what? I'm not trying to threaten you -- forget I said it. But look at all this stuff. Look at all this stuff, this -- this future that Marty has planned with this baby. You want to take that away from her? I mean, I understand you don't want to take this -- this kid away from my daughter, but you never met my daughter. What do you care? But you're -- but you're willing to take it away from Marty, your friend? I mean, you'll ruin her dreams. Is that what you want?

Janet: Look, I'm not a delivery-room nurse.

Todd: Oh, that's ok. I can clear that. Are you saying you'll do it?

Janet: If I do it -- if -- it's for Marty.

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