OLTL Best Lines Thursday 10/16/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 10/16/08


Provided By Wanda

Tina: Just leave me alone, Tess, all right? I've got to find Cain before he just pops up out of nowhere and tries to kill me.

Tess: Sounds like you have a problem.

Tina: No, sounds like we have a problem. You see, because if he finds me or the jewels, then I am going to tell him that you are the one who poisoned the dip, and you are going to spend the rest of your miserable life in a padded cell where you belong.

Tess: No, I think that you are if you don't stop deluding yourself.

Tina: Hmm, meaning what?

Tess: Meaning Cain is not going to care who did what to him as long as he gets to wring your little neck.

Tina: Hmm. He loves my little neck.

Tess: Yeah, well, he likes money a lot more. And I hope that you have a plan if your little rat dog tracks him down.

Tina: Don't worry. He will. David Vickers has a nose for trouble. He found Natalie, didn't he?

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