OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 10/15/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 10/15/08


Provided By Wanda

Adriana: Have you ever seen him so still? He was always trying to catch your eye, share the joke. I know it's up to me to make that decision, but I'm not ready. I can't let him go, not yet.

Bo: Adriana, I'm not pushing you to take him off life support. I'm just suggesting that you think about what Balsom would want. Now, he may not have a will, but we know that he asked you for a divorce. He told Gigi that he loves her and he wants to help her raise Shane. Now, you have the wedding certificate, the marriage license. But if you respect your husband, you're going to honor his wishes.

Adriana: Just what do you think she can do?

Roxy: Couldn't we give it a try? Couldn't we give it one damn shot?

Adriana: According to you, he already knows that Gigi's in love with him and that Shane is his son. I don't see how another little bedside drama is going to make one bit of difference.

Roxy: I'm going to get out of here and take a walk before I do something I -- no, scratch that. I'm his mother. I have rights, and I'm going to get a lawyer. We'll see who's in charge here.

Adriana: You do what you have to do, Roxy.

Roxy: Enjoy your coffee, control freak.

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