OLTL Best Lines Friday 10/3/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 10/3/08


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Dallas: You know, I -- I think should go get dressed and let you get settled. And, Clint, I'm just going to put this bathrobe somewhere.

Clint: Yeah, wherever, wherever, thank you.

Nora: Couldn't pack her own bathrobe when she was coming for her endless stay?

Clint: You're mad?

Nora: Mad? At coming home at dawn after an eight-hour layover in O'Hare to find my boyfriend's asked his ex-girlfriend to move in? Finding her on the couch -- on my couch, in your bathrobe? No, why should I be mad?

Clint: I didn't ask her to move in. An old friend needed a place to stay.

Nora: Yeah, and, God forbid, so long as it's got some place connected to you.

Clint: Yeah, well, I assumed that you meant what you said when you said this was still my house.

Nora: Oh, got it. So now this is on me, huh?

Clint: Ok, so do you want me to kick her out right now, right into the street?

Nora: Oh, cut the crap, Clint. You're not going to kick her out into the street or to the other five-star hotel in town or to the myriad of bed-and-breakfasts that she could have booked had she cared to.

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