OLTL Best Lines Tuesday 9/23/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Tuesday 9/23/08


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Starr: Well, I never really liked assemblies, but what really sucked was being the whole school's sex education visual and audio aid.

Markko: Yeah, I just realized something today. Guys get off easy. But you know what? I don't think, after the way you handled things today, you'll ever get hassled again.

Starr: I'm sure I won't. No one's going to want to go near a hormonal pregnant girl. She's crazy.

Markko: I'm sorry. I like how you get funny when you get mad.

Starr: I guess it's just a natural gift.

Markko: But you're not just mad, are you?

Starr: No. Markko Rivera, you're very perceptive. This is not the junior year that I was hoping for.

Markko: Well, have you ever thought of, you know, dropping out for a while just until --

Starr: Until what? Until I drop the kid and I look like everyone else again? No. The whole point to me giving this baby to Marcie is because it's the best thing for the baby. And because I don't want my life to take a huge left turn because of this. I'm just really trying to keep going.

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