OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 9/17/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 9/17/08


Provided By Wanda

Clint: We have to keep this short and sweet because I don't want anybody to see us together except Nigel.

Ray: Yeah, your guest house, it is very nice but it is also, uh, lonely.

Clint: Well, don't feel lonely. There's a guard watching you 24 hours a day. But I want you to concentrate on establishing this relationship with your niece, Langston.

Ray: That will not be a problem. She and I are already simpatico.

Clint: That's good to hear.

Ray: Mm. It is interesting. When I look at her, I see my sister when she was young. They are very much alike.

Clint: I want you to keep reminding her of that, all right?

Ray: Uh, you know that woman? The one who wants to adopt her? That woman is trouble.

Clint: Major trouble, yes, but today trouble pays up. Today, we go in for the kill.

Ray: Dorian Lord is, uh, is like a, uh, como se dice -- um, a spring that is wound up too tight.

Clint: Close enough.

Ray: Uh, I am very polite, but she doesn't like me.

Clint: That's because she's very possessive of Langston and she sees you as a threat, which of course, is part of our plan. That's what we wanted.

Ray: The moment I walk in, like a hatred, I feel it.

Clint: Well, that shows our plan is working.

Ray: That -- that is a woman who will not intimidate to me.

Clint: Good, good, now we must pit Dorian's affection for this girl against her desire to mess with my family's business. Ray, one thing, I don't want you to underestimate Dorian. She has her faults, but no one can question her loyalty to family, especially the female members. Dorian is smart, she's powerful.

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