OLTL Best Lines Tuesday 9/16/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Tuesday 9/16/08


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Clint: Pa, don't you worry. I did what you would have done. I found Dorian’s Achilles' heel. So, it won't be long now before Cramer Enterprises -- that Godforsaken name will be off the big board and the company will be back where it belongs, the Buchanan family. And all that madness with Jared Banks ever since he arrived -- that will be behind us. That boy almost destroyed our legacy. .... Nigel. Caught me having a little conversation with Asa.

Nigel: I'm terribly sorry to intrude, Sir, but I simply cannot allow you to heap blame on Jared Banks without confessing the truth -- that he had a partner in crime.

Clint: I know all too well that Natalie was involved in Jared's --

Nigel: Begging your pardon, Sir. I'm not referring to Miss Natalie. She wasn't aware of Mr. Jared's duplicity until after the fact.

Clint: Yeah, and then she decided to keep it from the family. Natalie betrayed each and every one of us.

Nigel: She certainly paid the price, which is why I feel I must come forward. Mr. Banks was determined to take this all on himself. He insisted that I remain silent. I'm ashamed to say that I accepted his offer. I let him take the full blame. I see where that decision led. You're determined to take back Buchanan Enterprises no matter the cost. I felt I had to speak up. You brought this miscreant, this Ray Montez into our midst. You've thrust him on Dr. Lord's family. I can't stay silent any longer. Mr. Buchanan, Sir, Miss Natalie wasn't the only one privy to Jared Banks' plans. I, too, was his collaborator.

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