OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 9/3/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 9/3/08


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Tina: This -- um, this room?

Tess: Yeah, I made it especially for you and little David Vickers.

Tina: Uh, how -- how nice, I -- I think. Um, what made you think we needed a room in the basement?

Tess: Well, you know when you first came here, I don't know if you noticed, I was -- well, I was a little bit rude to you.

Tina: Yeah, you think?

Tess: Yeah, and I can be a little --

Tina: Bitchy and mean?

Tess: Mm.

Tina: You know, a nice "I'm sorry" would have gone a long way.

Oliver: Thanks for dinner.

John: Unfortunately, it will all be duly noted on your paycheck.

[Oliver laughs]

Oliver: Sugar and caffeine -- fuel of champions.

John: I'll tell you what; I'm cutting you off until you start getting me somewhere.

Wendy: In this week's class, we're going to talk about six practices that support and promote normal childbirth. Excuse me, may I help you?

Todd: No, you may not.

Cole: I ran into Starr at the country club. She was having lunch with her mom and Marcie, and we got into again about her giving the baby away. And then Karen and her crew show up, and Karen figures out that Starr is pregnant, and she starts saying stuff.

Langston: Karen's such a bitch.

Tina: Yeah, and this wall here is, um, glass.

Tess: Oh --

Tina: So how much privacy could there be?

Tess: That's the latest design trend. And it's in all the magazines.

Tina: Wow, you know I must have missed that one.

Tina: Yeah, well she built a whole other room down here, right where this room is.

Tess: Really?

Tina: Yeah. It's the room where she kept Dorian Lord locked up.

Tess: Wow. I hadn't heard about that.

Tina: And you know, it's interesting because she had a glass wall in that room, too, just so Viki -- so she could watch Dorian suffer.

Tess: Wow. I can't believe my mother did those things.

Tina: Yeah. Yeah, it's like she was a whole other -- person. Just like you. Your mother told me all about you. You're Tess.

Cole: Well, it obviously didn't work. Otherwise I wouldn't be here. And you're right, Karen’s a bitch.

Langston: That's funny. That's what she would say about Starr and me.

Blair: What exactly are you sorry for this time, Todd?

Todd: Everything.

Wendy: Okay, people, why don't we take a five?

Blair: Oh, I'm sorry. It's going to take a hell of a lot longer than five minutes for this man to go through everything that he's sorry for.

Blair: Starr, the judge asked your father to do two things. One was to go to anger management counseling. The second was to cooperate with Child Services. But has he done any of those? No. Then you show up here and you want to say you're sorry? That suddenly you're better? Todd, nothing changes, does it?

Todd: That was before.

Blair: Before what? What lightning bolt came down and made you a better man? I mean, when my love and our children's love couldn't change you.

Tess: You are going to wish you got your head chopped off in Mendorra.

Tina: You are scaring David Vickers.

Tess: Why? Why couldn't you and your mangy mutt just have stayed far, far away, huh?

Starr: Oh, my -- hello. Geez, I'll be happy when this baby moves off of my bladder. I'll be back.

Tina: He is a very smart dog. He has known all along that there was a rat down here that needs to be ferreted out.

Tess: Ferreted out -- really? Tina, that dog can't even hold his bladder.

Tina: Look, we may not be perfect, all right? But I am not about to let us become victims to a nut job like you.

Tess: So long, suckers. Enjoy your new digs, because no matter how far you dig, you're never going to get out.

Oliver: Tell me you did not just turn down a date.

John: No. Sort of.

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