OLTL Best Lines Tuesday 8/19/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Tuesday 8/19/08


Provided By Michelle

Marty: Is Blair worth all the trouble Todd is going to cause you? He'll make your life a living hell. Take it from someone who knows.

John: I'll never forget what he did to you. And all the other people he's hurt.

Marty: Even Blair doesn't deserve what he did to her. And what he's going to do now.

John: She'll break away from him at some point.

Marty: Is that what this is about, you trying to save her? It is your way, isn't it? With me and Natalie, even Evangeline. Yeah, I'd say your failure to save Caitlin is haunting you. You keep acting it out over and over again with the subsequent women in your life. Am I getting warm?

John: The last thing I need is you shrinking me in my dreams.

Marty: You've had enough therapy to know it's not me doing this. It's your own subconscious.

John: Don't do that.

Marty: You couldn't save me. What makes you think you can save Blair? Or are you afraid you can't?

John: I'll look after her.

Marty: Who's going to look after you -- when Todd can't handle the fact that Blair’s never coming back to him because of you.

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