OLTL Best Lines Thursday 8/14/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 8/14/08


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Leo: Look, Ms. Brennan. Uh, I'm trying to come up with some numbers here for you, and it would help if I knew what the room was for. Now, usually when I do a fancy room like this in a basement, it's usually a home theater or something. Is that close to what you want?

Tess: Pretty close. This room is going to be providing hours of entertainment for me.

Charlie: Now, is there any particular reason why you were talking to your stuffed little friend here?

Roxy: Morris is good at keeping secrets and he don't talk back.

Charlie: Well, if you feel like talking to anybody a little more human, just let me know.

Blair: Well, you, um, did it again.

Dorian: Did what?

Blair: Completely surprised me. You walk in here. You tell me you've been talking to Mel, who's been dead for years. Then you tell me you got feelings for Charlie Banks?

Dorian: No, I said that Mel thinks that I have feelings for Charlie.

Blair: Oh, I'm glad you cleared that up for me. Did Mel tell you this after you'd had a couple of adult beverages, Dorian?

Tess: Yeah, there was a spare room there a long time ago.

Leo: What was it used for?

Tess: Oh, you know, the same old story. Mother with a split personality. One of her alters gets mad at someone and has to hold them hostage there for a couple weeks.

Leo: Wow.

Asa: She was fixin' to ruin your life. Now, you've already knocked your brother out. Haven't you done enough damage? Chuck, chuck, get him back in the party, all right? Make sure he stays away from the female help. Let's get Bo out of here.

Blair: I wouldn't clip a toenail for Todd Manning.

Dorian: Does that mean that you got him completely out of your system?

Leo: No way, okay, if it's music you're into, I'll build it so you can blast your speakers and nobody else in the house will hear a thing.

Tess: Well, that's perfect, Leo, because the person using this room will most likely be in there by herself singing her heart out.

Prof. Fina: Well, what you must do, gentlemen, grab the metal fence and then you hold up that fascinating phone of yours like a -- a -- what -- ah -- lightning rod.

Rex: Did you say lightning rod?

Bo: Now you want us to get struck by lightning?

Rex: Again?

Gigi: On purpose?

Bo: Voluntarily?

Rex: Get fried again so we can go back to 2008.

Prof. Fina: Precisely.

Bo: Come on, Balsom, because it looks like we don't have a choice.

Rex: Oh, where's the DeLorean when you need it?

Gigi: You're coming with me, right?

Delphina: And get struck by lightning? What, are you on drugs? You're only giving me $5,000.

Roxy: So, you really going to give up the dish on you and Blair?

John: On Blair? No, no. I thought maybe you wanted the dirt on the chick that came with her.

Roxy: Are you guys having a threesome? No wonder you needed more towels.

John: A lot more towels, maybe another set of handcuffs.

Roxy: Is Blair into handcuffs?

John: No, not Blair, the other one. Blair, she likes, uh -- well, let's just say I'll never look at my shoulder holster the same way again. It was a hell of a night.

Rex: We're really going to do this?

Bo: Either we go for the lightning or you go to war tomorrow.

Rex: You got a point. Lightning it is!

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