OLTL Best Lines Tuesday 8/12/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Tuesday 8/12/08


Provided By Suzanne

Noelle: Oh, my God! Girl, what are you doing here? Oh! Moe, Moe come out of the kitchen, get your butt out of the kitchen. Look who's back.

Moe: Morasco. Ha ha. If you're here to beg for your old job back, you can forget it. It's gone.

Noelle: To three other girls.

Gigi: Kiss it, Moe Stubbs.

Moe: Gladly, Morasco.

Delphina: Psychic. I really want to touch your head.

Gigi: Um, I think only Noelle gets to do that.

Noelle: Damn straight.

Delphina: Sorry, it's just your aura. It's psychedelic, man.

Moe: Aura schmaura.

TV announcer: Richard Milhous Nixon is expected to win his party's nomination today on the first ballot. Governor Nelson Rockefeller of New York and California Governor Ronald Reagan are anticipated -

Rex: This is a bad dream, right? Like the shower scene in "Dallas"?

Bo: Couple of hundred miles to Dallas.

Rex: Okay, I'm going to wake up. It's going to be 2008. No time-space portals, no peace pies, no switched identities, no Spencer Truman.

Moe: Only the health department gets to fondle the ketchup.

Delphina: I'm getting another vibe.

Moe: And I'm getting an urge to tell you what to do with that vibe.

Gigi: You read that cover to cover on the plane, three times.

Delphina: Yeah, now I'm reading between the lines.

Moe: I'm reading between her ears and I still ain't gettin' nothin'.

Rex: So you remember this party, the way it really went down in '68?

Bo: Oh, yeah. Yeah, there was a party, not that I remember much of it. Because I had mucho cerveza.

Moe: Gigi, don't go anywhere with that loon.

Delphina: You know what? I hope she does say no.

Noelle: Huh?

Moe: Kook!

Noelle: Okay if I call it a night?

Moe: No way, Jose.

Noelle: Oh, we haven't had a customer in an hour, Moe-zay.

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