OLTL Best Lines Friday 8/8/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 8/8/08


Provided By Michelle

Tina: You know, it is so nice to be in a peaceful, loving home like Llanfair.

Natalie: Well, I hope you can stay for a while.

Tina: Oh, I intend to. I mean, it is my home.

Tess: [As Jessica] How do you -- how do you figure that?

Tina: My father built it for his family. Every single brick, from the widow's walk to the basement is -- well, belongs to his heirs. You know, I never used to appreciate it, being from the wrong side of the blanket, but after so many years, it finally feels like home.

Jared: Aha. Well, Lois wanted me to bring this in.

Tina: My. Aren't you sweet?

Tess: Really? You're not mad at Jared for -- I'm sorry, I don't know how else to put this -- but for screwing over the Buchanans?

Tina: Are you kidding? I mean, I just escaped being executed and almost losing my sweet baby Sarah. No, B.E. is just a company. What matters most are the people that we love. I mean, come on. I know you'd much rather have your husband than a bunch of stock.

Tess: Yes. Yes, I would.

Natalie: Jess. You okay?

Tess: I'm fine -- fine. I -- oh, I have really good news for you. I forgot to tell you. No one's trying to kill you. At least, not by cutting your brakes.

[Tess Chuckles]

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