OLTL Best Lines Monday 7/28/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Monday 7/28/08


Provided By Michelle

Addie: Is this a stick up? I know, you're the misunderstood criminal and I'm the unsuspecting but sympathetic victim. We like to play roles sometimes, like I'm the stern meter maid and David has parked his car --

Dorian: Enough! You're too late.

David: Hand over those papers, Dorian.

Dorian: What papers? These?

David: Excuse me. I see what you're doing. I know you're doing that "liaisons dangerose" bit, but I don't role play with you anymore. Give me the papers.

Dorian: Why should I? We had a deal.

David: Made under extreme duress, otherwise known as extortion.

Dorian: An honest exchange of goods and services.

David: I wonder how Viki would react if she found out about our deal.

Dorian: You wouldn't dare.

David: Force my hand.

Dorian: You have got a shred of honor left.

David: Oh, high praise coming from the woman who had to be bribed to not let another human being die.

Dorian: Oh, I did not have to be bribed. I'm sure that I would have done what I did under any circumstances.

David: We'll never know, will we?

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