OLTL Best Lines Thursday 7/24/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 7/24/08


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Brody: Why did you tell Shane I was his father instead of Rex?

Gigi: I had a choice to make. I could either tell him that his father was a guy who got me pregnant in high school and ran off without a word, or I could tell him that his father was a guy who loved us and -- and only left us because he had to go serve his country.

Brody: That's a better story for a kid.

Gigi: It wasn't really a story, Brody, because you were willing to take care of the both of us. To raise another man's child. Brody, you came into my life and you took care of me when no one else gave a damn.

Brody: That didn't make me a hero.

Gigi: Yeah, in my eyes, it did. And -- and Shane loved the story. That's why every time I told it, I would add a little bit more to it.

Brody: Like what?

Gigi: Like --

[Gigi sighs]

Gigi: Like you saving all of the guys in your company. Like you risking your life to save an Iraqi child. To hear me tell it, you fought that whole war all by yourself. And now Shane’s convinced that -- that you were something that nobody could ever hope to be. So, I -- I guess I set you up to fail. I'm really sorry about that.

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