OLTL Best Lines Thursday 5/29/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 5/29/08


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Viki: Todd, this may come as a big surprise to you, but I actually have my own life, which right now is full of problems just like yours is, so I'm sorry, you're on your own.

Todd: Wait a minute. Hold on. Are you sure you understand the implications of this? I could lose my family over this.

Viki: Okay, why did Blair throw you out this time?

Todd: It's another mix-up.

Viki: Of course.

Todd: All right, Starr ran away from home with Cole.

Viki: What?

Todd: Yeah, well, I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want you to worry. But anyway, when I found them, um, things got a little out of hand, I guess, when I tried to convince Starr to come home.

Viki: Okay, what's a little out of hand?

Todd: I -- I made some mistakes and I'm sorry for them, and that's what I'd like you to tell Blair. Also, and, um, give her that whole, you know, I'm -- I'm damaged because of my childhood stuff, and that sometimes I -- I give in to my more negative impulses, but --

Viki: But deep down inside you're a prince.

Todd: Exactly.

Viki: Yeah, I'm not going to demean myself or insult Blair’s intelligence by even pretending to understand why you are sometimes so impossible, but I will tell you this. That inner prince you talk about? He doesn't exist. I think that deep down you are just as selfish and destructive as you are on the surface.

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