OLTL Best Lines Friday 5/23/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 5/23/08


Provided By Michelle

Rex: You're not going to come wash my back?

Adriana: The mood I'm in, you'd need a skin graft.

Rex: What changed? You were an ecstatically happy newlywed a few minutes ago.

Adriana: Yeah, then I saw this.

Rex: Oh. Well, at least it got your good side. But -- but then all your sides are good. Anyway, who cares what Todd says? To quote Roxy, "the guy's a plotka-macher," which is a trouble-maker, in case your yiddish is rusty.

[Adriana laughs]

Adriana: You always know how to cheer me up, and that's why I love you so much.

Rex: That's it? My killer abs have nothing to do with it?

Adriana: That, too. I am a happily married woman, so to hell with Todd. He's just a miserable, depressing person who gets off on making other people miserable.

Rex: That about sums it up.

Adriana: So why don't you go get cleaned up and I make you an incredible breakfast?

Rex: Belgian waffle sundaes by any chance?

Adriana: I can't seem to find the waffle iron.

[Rex snaps his fingers]

Rex: Hold on, hold on. I do seem to recall --

Adriana: What?

Rex: Yes, yes, here it is. Someone had the good sense to give us the all-powerful Waffle Iron Maiden 3000.

Adriana: Wow! Somebody knows you backwards and forwards, huh?

Rex: Let's see who's brilliant enough to give us the --

Adriana: What? Who's it from? Read the card.

Rex: "Time to get your griddle on. Yours, Gigi and Shane Morasco."

Adriana: Gigi and Shane. Thoughtful.

Rex: Yeah, you know, oatmeal sounds kind of good.

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