OLTL Best Lines Monday 5/5/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Monday 5/5/08


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Todd: Well, maybe we should just concentrate on trying to find her.

Blair: And how are we going to do that? You've hired, you've fired, you've terrorized every P.I. on the East Coast. I mean, you've got nothing. That's why I called John McBain.

Todd: That was a brilliant move, by the way -- absolutely brilliant. I'm sure Lee Ramsey is going to put my daughter's safety at the top of his priority list.

Blair: Because of you. But John is going to --

Todd: John! John -- oh, ho, ho, John! Why didn't I think of you? Beloved John, the John that couldn't find Sam --

Blair: Oh, well, stop --

Todd: The John who let Cole off the hook for shooting Miles.

Blair: Sam is upstairs right now! Your little boy is sleeping safely in his bed because John kept Marcie from crossing the border when she wanted to get away from you.

Todd: Oh, I'm sorry, Blair. I tend to go after the children of mine who have been kidnapped.

Blair: I thought that maybe, you know, if I gave it enough time, you'd just -- you'd come to your senses and you'd realize that your little girl has completely grown up. And you do not have the right to make her choices for her. You do not have the right to lock her up and to threaten her friends. I thought maybe, you know, "gosh, you know, Todd is going to see that she's unhappy and that he's making his family unhappy," but no! You don't see it because that ego comes out again. And everybody else be damned. You don't like something, you throw this big old tantrum. Well, you know what, Todd? Your little pity party is over. Why don't you grow up?

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