OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 3/26/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 3/26/08


Provided By Michelle

Adriana: I just don't get why it's such a big secret. Unless you're hiding something.

Gigi: Oh -- back off, Adriana! None of this concerns you!

Adriana: Think about it, Gigi. You come to town to testify for Marcie McBain. You end up staying, getting a job because of my fiancé, your old boyfriend. Then I find out that you're hanging out with him at Capricorn, hanging around our apartment. What am I supposed to think?

Gigi: What's the matter? Don't you trust Rex?

Adriana: Oh, I do. I trust Rex completely. It's you I don't trust.

Gigi: I'm not going to stand here and take this from you. If you're feeling insecure about Rex, that's your problem, not mine.

Adriana: Why, because you're going after Jared Buchanan?

Gigi: Hmm, my God -- and where'd you hear that, from the same blabby friend who told you she saw Rex and me together at Capricorn?

Adriana: Look, I'm not putting you down for it. Jared is hot. And he's got a lot of money, now that he's a Buchanan. You know, I could see why you'd be into him.

Gigi: And it'd keep me away from Rex, right?

Adriana: I'm just saying, if you're into him, you should go for it.

Gigi: Hmm, like I need your advice.

Adriana: Suit yourself. Be alone. I'm just trying to help.

Gigi: You know how you can help? By getting out of my face right now. I have to get my son to camp.

Adriana: I understand. I'm really glad we had this talk. Feel like I got to know you better. Bye.

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