OLTL Best Lines Thursday 3/13/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 3/13/08


Provided By Michelle

Antonio: You got your facts wrong. I'm not a millionaire anymore.

Ramsey: Oh, not anymore, I know. It must have been quite a shock to lose all that money just like that. But it's a good thing, Antonio. You know why? Because you're not like your old boss anymore. Now you're more like your -- your friend Sahid.

Antonio: Yeah? What do Bo and Talia have to do with this?

Ramsey: Oh, old Bo did his job here for a buck a year and the taxpayers got exactly what they paid for.

Antonio: Bo was dedicated to his work and he did a great job.

Ramsey: No, actually, he didn’t. Old Mr. Huggy bear was asleep at the wheel most of the time, and you know why? Because he didn't need the money. But you do -- like Talia, and it's a good thing. I like having people work for me who need money. They're motivated.

Antonio: Yeah. I find it interesting, you know?

Ramsey: Mm-hmm.

Antonio: The timing of it all? I lose the money right after you become my boss.

Ramsey: So what? You think something's not right?

Antonio: Oh, I think maybe you know a little more about the Santi money than you're letting on.

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