OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 3/12/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 3/12/08


Provided By Michelle

Dorian: Charlie, I really do wish I were as powerful as you seem to be implying.

Charlie: The way I hear it, you are.

Dorian: If I were, Viki and I would've been best buddies all these years.

Charlie: Really? Why?

Dorian: Because we are both rich and powerful women. We've both lived through some very difficult circumstances, though Viki never did get over her childish resentment towards me because I was once married to her father. Understandably, it must have been very difficult for her having such a young stepmother. However, back to Texas, where you were so kind to me -- a true lifesaver, a true friend. And when we got back here and I found out that Viki was so special to you, I thought that that would get between us, and I was afraid that you would hate me.

Charlie: Dorian, I'm kind of an expert at losing friends, okay? I've been doing it my whole life, and nobody's really missed me that much so you want me to believe that you think enough of my friendship of just a couple of weeks to come up with these cockamamie lies?

Dorian: Oh. It's a bit odd getting a lecture about lying from you. Isn't it, Charlie B?

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