OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 3/5/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 3/5/08


Provided By Michelle

Clint: Lindsay, I didn't know you had such a low opinion of me.

Lindsay: Oh, I'm not making any judgments. It's just that you and Bo are very different. I mean, Bo, to his detriment sometimes, holds himself and everyone around him to a high moral standard.

Clint: Unlike his degenerate brother?

Lindsay: Well, let's just say that you're more like Asa. I think you'd do just about anything you have to do to save the company and your family.

Clint: Why am I not flattered?

Lindsay: I'd say that you were more than willing to do things that other people might disapprove of if you think it's worth the risk.

Clint: Like giving a friend a lift to Vegas in my private jet?

Lindsay: And coming back to Llanview a married man -- that's an excellent example.

Clint: Lindsay, our marriage was the briefest on record.

Lindsay: Irrelevant -- you're missing the point. The point is that you were willing to risk the wrath of your entire family, to ignore "the way things are done" for a chance to be happy.

Clint: A bold move, no doubt.

Lindsay: Just as it would be if you take the risk to save your company with this.

Clint: But this is just not a risk. This is blackmail.

Lindsay: It's not as if you're using this information to take anything away from Webster. You're just asking him to take a step back.

Clint: Good spin. But no matter how you spin it, I am not using this information.

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