OLTL Best Lines Thursday 2/21/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 2/21/08


Provided By Michelle

Antonio: I'm sorry to have to break this up, but, Jessica, I have some questions about what happened tonight.

Nash: Oh, for heaven's sakes, Antonio, she's been through a lot today. Can't this wait until tomorrow?

Jessica: Nash -- I told you, I just want to get it over with, okay?

Antonio: And it's better that we do it now. All right? The more time passes, people tend to forget important details.

Nash: Jessica --

Jessica: I'll be okay. Please, fire away. I'll tell you anything that I can remember.

Antonio: Well, for starters, what were you doing at the Palace? You're obviously not dressed for the ball.

Jessica: I -- um -- went to go and look for Allison. I had reason to believe that she would be there.

Antonio: Why?

Jessica: Well, I heard she had escaped from St. Ann's, and I figured she was going to go after our family, and I --

Nash: This is old news, right? I mean, you know all about their family history. It's --

Antonio: Yes, except that I'm here as a detective, not as a friend. I'm sorry, but I can't put words into her mouth. Do you know why Allison would try to kill you?

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