OLTL Best Lines Monday 2/11/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Monday 2/11/08


Provided By Michelle

Allison: Cool it, sister. You might upset Grandpa Victor. Poor guy would have a stroke if he saw his granddaughters in those getups.

Jessica: Do you know what we risked getting you out of St. Ann's?

Allison: Not a blessed thing. People get away with murder in this town. You think your Uncle Bo is going to come down on you because of a little asylum break?

Natalie: Why are we here, Allison?

Allison: To relive old times. You know, I had a lot of time between basket weaving and Latin classes to think about the irony of our lives.

Natalie: We're not interested.

Allison: Oh, but don't you find it thought-provoking that your mother has my beloved Ben’s heart beating in her chest while your decaying grandpa here tried to cut Jessica's heart out to keep him alive?

Jessica: What's there to think about? My grandfather was a monster.

Allison: Oh, it's so simplistic, dear. You see, you thought the same thing about your dear old dad and he tried to save your life by switching you for sister sister here so Victor would cut her heart out instead but you never worked as a blonde, Nattie.

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