OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 1/9/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 1/9/08


Provided By Michelle

Roxy: I'm just kidding. There better be six sugars in there.

Rex: Four -- and that's already two too many.

Roxy: Yeah, you're a buzz-kill. You're a good kid, you know that?

Rex: So when I tell you to relax, that Viki's going to be fine?

Roxy: You don't know that.

Rex: Look, even if Viki decides to stay in Texas --

Roxy: Yeah, probably because Marcie has shot her.

Rex: Right -- which won't happen. But even if Viki is -- let's just say for whatever reason is unavailable, Natalie will be just fine because she has you. And although you're technically not her birth mother, and you were pretty much out to breakfast, lunch, and dinner while she was growing up, she loves you.

Roxy: She tell you that?

Rex: Yes. I know she loves you.

Roxy: You're not both ashamed of me?

Rex: No. Absolutely not. You're a terrific person.

Roxy: Give me a hug. That's enough. Better get in there before Adriana runs off with Miles. Hey, I'm just joking. What's the matter with you? You leave your sense of humor in your sock drawer? Any news?

Adriana: Last I checked, Viki was still in the restaurant with Marcie and Tommy. And the reporters have basically given up trying to get any information from the cops -- they're just questioning people in the crowd.

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