OLTL Best Lines Friday 1/4/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 1/4/08


Provided By Michelle

Jared: Aren't you being a little shortsighted? The vineyard is a business and the object of any business is to make as much money as possible.

Jessica: Well, it's never really been about money for Nash.

Jared: It's about money for everyone, sweetheart.

Nash: Whoa. She's not your sweetheart -- don't call her that again. I should've known you were lying.

Jared: Lying?

Nash: Yes, lying. You remember when you first bought Antonio's shares and came in here as a "partner"? You said that you understood what this place was about for me and you wanted to work with me on that.

Jared: I wasn't lying.

Nash: Oh? You've been a Buchanan for what, oh, five minutes? And already, all you can think about is boosting up that company's stock. Well, you are not going to piss all over my dream.

Jared: I'm sorry -- I thought your dream was to produce wine. With my idea, you're going to be able to produce 5,000 cases a year, not 500.

Jessica: Or maybe we could put it in a box instead of bottling it.

Nash: He just doesn't get it.

Jared: You know, I didn't have to come down here and talk to you about this. But I did it because we were supposed to be partners. And instead of sitting down and having a rational conversation, you fly off the handle like some prima Donna.

Jessica: Ok. I appreciate the fact that you thought that this was a good idea, but it's not something that Nash has ever wanted. He wants his vineyard to stay small, a quality vineyard, something that's going to grow and stay a family business, something that he can pass on to Bree from his side of the family. He is not interested in becoming

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