OLTL Best Lines Thursday 1/3/08

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 1/3/08


Provided By Michelle

John: Listen, my name is John McBain. This is my brother, Michael. The woman you call "Sally Ann" is actually his wife, Marcie, and we're here to help her. So if you can just tell us where she is --

Moe: Look, pal, I don't care who you are or what you want with Sally Ann. As far as I'm concerned, she's a good person -- even if she did break more china than Connie Corleone and nearly killed a judge.

Michael: Killed a judge? Was she in court?

Moe: She was right here, with a tray full of dirty dishes and then down she goes, the tray hits the deck -- kaboom! -- right in the middle of the pie contest. The judge gets a pecan and it gets stuck in his throat. Well, I thought he was a goner, then Sally Ann did the Heimlich maneuver.

Michael: I -- I taught her that. I'm a doctor.

Moe: Doesn't make you a good husband. If Sally Ann's here instead of home with you, there's a reason.

John: Yeah. There's a reason, but it has nothing to do with my brother and we're here trying to protect her.

Moe: So first you're a cop, and now you're a brother. Which is it? While you're explaining that, I'd like to see a badge.

John: I used to be a cop.

Moe: "Used to be"?

Michael: He's here because he's family.

Moe: Tell you what -- you leave the lady's bag where you found it, turn around, get out of my restaurant; I'll pretend I never saw you. Or you can push it and I'll call real cops, with badges.

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