OLTL Best Lines Friday 11/30/07

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 11/30/07


Provided By Michelle

David: A busboy.

Viki: We have some lovely lemon-coconut chess pie today.

David: You expect me to touch dishes that other people have used?

Viki: David, a lot of people don't get paid a lot for what they do, but they still have to do it.

David: You know what, Viki? I really appreciate the love affair that you're having with the working class. I do. That's a top-notch uniform. But if you want to have a pedicure, all you have to do is reach into that fat bank account of yours and check into a spa.

Viki: I have not touched my bank account since I got here.

David: Good Lord, why not?

Viki: Because I didn't want to and I don't need to. David, I've learned so much about myself living on very little money.

David: Well, that's impressive, but I'd like to be very, very rich as soon as humanly possible, and if I can do that without lifting a finger or breaking a sweat, so much the better.

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