OLTL Best Lines Tuesday 11/20/07

One Life to Live Best Lines Tuesday 11/20/07


Provided By Michelle

Clint: You slept with David in my father's house?

David: Nice bed, by the way. Is this one of those memory-foam things?

Dorian: Shut up, David! Clint, we need to talk.

Clint: Talk? Oh, yeah, that's the first thing that came to my mind -- a little chat. Why don't we start with why are you here, and what are you doing together in bed?

Dorian: Oh, really? You have a hell of a lot of nerve asking me that question.

Clint: Me?

Dorian: Yes -- after what you've done?

Clint: I haven't done anything.

Dorian: Stop lying. I know all about you and Nora.

Clint: "Me and Nora"?

Dorian: Stop acting as if the two of you are not having an affair. Be a man and admit it.

Clint: I am not sleeping with Nora.

Dorian: Oh? I saw the two of you together, kissing in the stable, so don't try telling me I'm wrong.

Clint: No, you're not wrong.

Dorian: Then it's true?

Clint: Yeah, I kissed her. But I didn't jump into bed with her like this. And if you were there watching us kiss, why didn't you come forward and say something?

Dorian: Because I was so shocked and hurt.

David: Um -- anybody mind if I put on some shorts? My wife could walk in at any moment.

Clint: Your what?

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