OLTL Best Lines Friday 11/16/07

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 11/16/07


Provided By Michelle

David: Buchanan hospitality sure has taken a dive since Asa bought the farm.

Dorian: "Buchanan hospitality"? Isn't that an oxymoron? I, for one, am not waiting.

Nigel: Good evening. I was just told of your arrival.

Dorian: Nigel, I want to see Clint. Would you please tell me where he is?

Nigel: Are the three of you traveling together?

Dorian: By a sick twist of fate, we happened to be on the same plane. Clint is still here?

Alex: Oh, poor Nigel. How have you been enduring these past few months since Asa passed away?

Nigel: Well, I'm doing my best in a difficult situation.

Alex: I'm sure. I hope you made out like a bandit in the will after all your enduring years of service. Keep a stiff upper lip.

Dorian: Would you please zip it, Alex? Thank you so much. Pardon me. You still haven't answered my question. Where is Clint?

Nigel: At the moment, I don't know.

Alex: How did he and Bo make out in the will?

Dorian: Oh -- she's impossible, David! How could you have married that?

Alex: It was really easy. Oh, Nigel, by the way, we're Alex and David Vickers now. What do you think of that?

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