OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 11/7/07

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 11/7/07


Provided By Michelle

Adriana: What baby?

Rex: Our baby -- I mean, assuming that itís ours. I -- I donít mean to imply that it isnít. Itís just, you know, for the moment, it -- itís yours until, you know, you decide.

Adriana: You lost me.

Rex: Ok, I'm an idiot. I'm not up on my gynecological whatever, but I -- I know that you're pregnant and I know that you're not sure what to do about it, and -- and thatís ok. Itís your body, your decision.

Adriana: Rex, look at me. Do I look pregnant?

Rex: No, you're -- you're not showing yet and -- and you may never show if you decide that you donít want to go down that road. But I -- I still think we should talk about this. And I know you wanted to keep it to yourself and I respect that, but -- and it bothers me. Roxy nearly had a baby when I told her.

Adriana: You told Roxy I was pregnant?

Rex: Well, I had to tell somebody and -- and you werenít talking.

Adriana: Because I'm not pregnant, Rex!

Rex: Adriana, I heard you talking to a doctor. You asked him how long it would be before you started showing --

Adriana: Oh.

Rex: And then your stomach was upset and all you would drink was club soda, and -- I'm a P.I. I checked your P.D.A., I know about the appointment with the OB-GYN. You're pregnant.

[Adriana Chuckles]

Adriana: Oh, you really thought that --

[Adriana laughs]

Rex: You're laughing at me now?

Adriana: I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Rex: Well, you should be.

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