OLTL Best Lines Friday 11/2/07

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 11/2/07


Provided By Michelle

Alex: When I first saw you here, I thought you were here because you had an addiction.

David: I came here addiction-free. This place makes me want to develop one, that's for sure.

Alex: I'm sorry, this tastes a little odd.

David: It, unlike myself, is a virgin.

Alex: Hmm.

David: Come on, Alex. What are you expecting? This is rehab.

Alex: Well, how do you stand it?

David: I made a big mistake with Viki. It's a long story. Interesting plot twists, but ultimately not worth retelling. But after I made that big mistake, I got this grand idea that I would show her I was capable of change.

Alex: Oh, can't you do that without working at a job for 7.50 an hour?

David: My original plan was to come here as a client.

Alex: But you don't have an addiction.

David: Alex, what rock did you crawl out from under? There's "rehab" rehab, and there's PR rehab. I planned on being in the second category. I mean, the food here is great. The massages are even better, and I can bask poolside while I change my image.

Alex: So why didn't you do that?

David: You don't like to talk about money, right?

Alex: I'll force myself.

David: You know how you're new money? Well, I'm "had-money, gave-money-back-to-impress-girl, now-got-no-money." If that was too many hyphens, it means that I'm flat broke.

Nigel's voice: Mr. Buchanan has another son. It's David Vickers.

David: So, enough about me. What are you doing here?

Alex: Category one rehab.

David: Oh, nothing wrong with the classic variety. Tell me about that monkey on your back. What is it? Drugs? Alcohol? Botox?

Alex: Sex.

Dorian: But all of Blair's paperwork is in order, and I really do not think that Langston should be penalized just because the -- the meeting was -- was expedited and -- and Blair happens to be out of town.

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