OLTL Best Lines Thursday 11/1/07

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 11/1/07


Provided By Michelle

Jessica: How did you do this? How did you con your way in here?

Jared: I'll tell you, I could get used to living like this. I snap my fingers, some servant comes down here to blow my nose. And the water pressure -- damn. After my little stay at the winery shack, I forgot how good it felt to take a good, hot, hard shower.

Nash: Yes, it's wonderful. But what is the scam now? U about? You wanted me out of your way, now I'm gone.

Jessica: What -- you sweet-talked Renee into this, didn't you? Stop it.

Jared: No, I -- I came by to see my friend Renee and see how she was doing, and damned if I wasn't blown away when she asked me to stay.

Jessica: Oh! And why would she do that? You didn't happen to tell her that we kicked you out, did you?

Jared: Yeah, I might have mentioned something about needing a place to stay.

Nash: As happy as I am that you're not staying with us anymore, you can't stay here.

Jared: I don't think you have a say in it, Brennan. The lady of the house makes that decision, and what a fine lady she is.

Renee: Thank you kindly, sir. Nash, Jessica.

Jessica: Renee, we just came over here to talk about the Texas trip and we found Jared here.

Renee: Well, he's staying here now -- so that you have your house to yourself. Jared was worried that he was imposing on you.

Nash: Oh, yes, that is so like him.

Jared: My room is so comfortable, I couldn't make myself get out of bed this morning. How'd you sleep?

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