OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 10/31/07

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 10/31/07


Provided By Michelle

Blair: You're actually on my side? Here I thought you were more interested in Todd coming home in a body bag.

Marty: Todd isnt on his own, so if hes hurt, it'll be because John was taken out of commission first.

Blair: Oh. I get it. This is about you, yet again, and, of course, your new man whos fallen under the "woe is me" spell.

Marty: Actually, no. I am worried about them.

Blair: Well, dont worry about Todd. Hes fine. He can take care of himself.

Marty: Oh, right, like he always has in the past.

Blair: Well, I think hes lived to tell about it.

Marty: He might not. The two of them might kill each other first.

Blair: Well, then that'll be it, then, wont it?

Marty: Not if we stop them.

Blair: Excuse me? "We," as in you and me? Get in between the two of them? Are you kidding me?

Marty: Why not? Unless you're chicken.

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