OLTL Best Lines Tuesday 10/23/07

One Life to Live Best Lines Tuesday 10/23/07


Provided By Michelle

Blair: Ugh. What in the hell is wrong with you?

Todd: God, you didnít have to bite me.

Blair: Well, you know -- I didnít, really? I wake up from the middle of a -- a deep sleep, and you have your hand over my mouth -- you're lucky that I didnít hurt you worse.

Todd: I was trying not to wake the kids. Actually, I was trying to make sure that Dorian didnít release the hounds.

Blair: Well, you scared me to death.

Todd: Sorry.

Blair: What are you doing skulking around my room in the morning anyway like this?

Todd: Why donít you just go back to sleep?

Blair: I went to bed last night and you werenít home. Did you sleep at all?

Todd: A couple hours.

Blair: Todd -- whatís going on? What are you doing?

Todd: Getting some stuff. You know, the maid keeps putting my clothes in your room -- she thinks because we're married, we're sleeping together.

Blair: Well, are you getting all your stuff because you're moving back to the penthouse?

Todd: No, I'm getting my stuff because I'm going to go find my kid.

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