OLTL Best Lines Friday 10/12/07

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 10/12/07


Provided By Michelle

Jessica: Look, I am really sorry that when I was troubled, I did a rotten thing that took away two years of your life. And if I have to pay for what I've done, I will handle that. But I have been through too much in the past few years to be afraid of the Atlantic City Police or of you.

[Knock on door]

Jessica: Now, my sister has thrown you out of the business, and now I'm telling you, you are through harassing our family.

Nash: Hey. Join the party.

Natalie: Oh. I was coming over here to warn you guys about my firing him, but I guess I'm too late. Did he call the cops yet?

Nash: Nope, not yet. He decided to drop by here and give us a shakedown first.

Jessica: Yeah, but we didn’t fall for it.

Natalie: Good. Bring it on.

Nash: Ooh, uh-oh. See, now you got me and her and -- well, I guess both of the Buchanan sisters lined up against you. If I was you, I’d be looking for a white flag.

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