OLTL Best Lines Thursday 10/11/07

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 10/11/07


Provided By Michelle

Natalie: Get out.

Jared: You canít fire me.

Natalie: Really? Because I think I just did.

Jared: We have a contract.

Natalie: Right, and I think if I told anyone what just happened here, they would agree that making sexual advances on the boss -- itís considered a breach of contract.

Jared: Oh, you know -- wait a second. Did --

Natalie: No, I think "you" need to wait a second. You are damn lucky that I am not pressing charges of sexual harassment against you right now. You think it was hard getting a job before? Try getting one with that hanging over your head.

Jared: Come on, it was a joke, ok?

Natalie: Oh, a joke? Let me tell you something, Mr. Jared Banks. You can throw a lot of crap at me, and I'll take it. But when some jackass comes in and makes a play like that on a woman -- any woman, boss or not -- well, honey, I ainít laughing.

Jared: Ok. I'm sorry. Is that what you want to hear?

Natalie: No. What I want to hear is the door closing as you're walking out.

Jared: Do you remember our agreement, when I started working here? You give me a job, and I donít call the Atlantic City P.D. and make your sisterís life a living hell. You cancel your end of the bargain, I cancel mine. Think about it, carefully. Is that really what you want?

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