OLTL Best Lines Friday 9/21/07

One Life to Live Best Lines Friday 9/21/07


Provided By Michelle

Michael: Please, honey, this is insane, ok?

Marcie: Michael, Michael, Michael, this -- this is the best thing for Tommy.

Michael: I -- I donít agree. I'm sorry, I -- I donít agree with you. I donít think we should go this way. You heard the judge -- we could actually win this thing.

Marcie: We might not win this thing, Michael. Our chances arenít very good here. This is the best thing for it'll save him a lot of hurt down the line -- just think about it.

Todd: Yes. Listen to your wife, Michael. Sheís a very wise woman.

Michael: We're not taking your money.

Marcie: Michael, please.

Todd: Do you want me to cross your name off?

Marcie: Michael? Just listen to me. Ok? Just listen to reason.

Michael: Reason? Reason? Marcie, you are talking about putting a price -- excuse me -- on our sonís head.

Marcie: Look, I donít want to -- I donít want to do that, either, ok? But I think itís time that we face reality of the situation here. He is willing to give us all this money. We could do so many wonderful things with that money. Michael, we could adopt. We could adopt 10 kids if we wanted to, just like Todd said.

Todd: $10 million buys a lot of babies -- and places to put them.

Michael: Thatís sick.

Todd: No, come on. You guys could be the Brangelina of Llanview.

Michael: You know, why donít you shut the --

Todd: Oh! Watch your language, sir. My baby is in the house. Here you go. Happy?

Marcie: No.

Todd: Well --

[Todd chuckles]

Todd: All right. Then just -- just give it some time, let the interest grow, take a cruise. You'll think less about my son that way. Is he in here, by the way? No, you got to give me my son or the dealís off.

Marcie: There is no deal. It was dead from the get-go.

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