OLTL Best Lines Thursday 9/6/07

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 9/6/07


Provided By Michelle

Todd: Yeah, Spencer Truman. Yeah, I think he thought that in case he got hacked to death with a pair of scissors, that he might want to tell someone about this, and no better chump to do his bidding than Miles Laurence.

Lindsay: Well, that's stupid. If Miles was his minion, then why would he tell you?

Todd: I don't know -- probably Miles had an attack of conscience. But, better late than never, right?

Lindsay: So, your evidence is the word of an insane, dead murderer?

Todd: I'll bet you could tell me what goes through the mind of an insane murderer.

Lindsay: Doesn't memory serve me correctly in remembering that Spencer Truman left some kind of clue from the grave that got you stabbed, kidnapped, and nearly killed?

Todd: That's Spencer, all right. He was a laugh a minute, boy.

Lindsay: And he's still getting to you, isn't he? He's dead and he's still making you crazy. And the sad truth is he's going to take you and the entire McBain family down and all because you can't let the dead stay dead.

Todd: Oh, but my son's alive.

Lindsay: It's another one of Spencer's tricks -- it's not real.

Todd: It seemed real when john McBain confirmed it. Hey, you -- you want to know why I'm in here?

Lindsay: For being the same reactionary jerk that you always are?

Todd: I'm in here because John McBain needed to arrest me so he could have some quality time with his sister-in-law, Marcie, before I went over there and broke the truth to her. He wanted to break it to her gently. Nobody's been gentle with me. I'll be damned if I'm going to be gentle with anyone else.

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