OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 8/29/07

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 8/29/07


Provided By Michelle

Dorian: I did not steal it! Well, I -- I was doing my civic duty.

Blair: Oh, yeah, by making sure some busboy didn't pocket it? Mm-hmm.

Dorian: Well, that's exactly right, and -- and I'll give it back to the -- I will give it back to the committee this afternoon. But they -- they are surely going to disqualify Lindsay and, well, honey, I've done an awful lot of things that I'm proud of in the past year.

Blair: I knew it! I knew you stole that!

Dorian: I did-- it is not impossible that they would choose me.

Blair: Oh, come on. You'd be the committee's third choice, and that would be behind an accused murderer.

Dorian: Sometimes it takes people time to get it right.

Blair: Oh, come on. Do yourself a favor -- just get that back and forget about it.

Dorian: And why should I?

Blair: Well, let's see -- Nora ended up in a coma, Evangeline is in a coma, and Lindsey is in a jail cell. I wouldn't touch that with 10-foot pole.

Dorian: Ooh. Maybe you're right. Maybe I should convince them to give it to Viki for a second time.

Blair: Oh, you're awful.

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