OLTL Best Lines Monday 7/30/07

One Life to Live Best Lines Monday 7/30/07


Provided By Michelle

Viki: Donít let the nurses catch you with the cinnamon rolls, because they're contraband.

Starr: Why are they being such sticklers about visiting hours?

Viki: Oh, itís all right. I mean, itís almost time, right? Besides, it gives us a chance to hang out together.

Starr: I just canít believe that my dadís back.

Viki: Oh, I know -- me, neither. But, you know, I should've known, because he would never, ever abandon you and Jack, and I know that. I should've remembered it, though. I heard about Cole.

Starr: Oh. He knew that Miles Laurence had my dad. And he didnít tell anyone, so we broke up. I just couldnít be with him after he did something like that.

Viki: Are you sure you heard the whole story?

Starr: He said that he did it to protect his mom, but he could've gotten Dad killed.

Viki: Well, that put him between a rock and a hard place, didnít it? Well, itís a terrible choice for someone to have to make, especially someone as young as Cole.

Starr: Aunt Viki, what does that matter? It happened and he made the wrong choice, and now it'll never be the same.

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