OLTL Best Lines Thursday 7/19/07

One Life to Live Best Lines Thursday 7/19/07


Provided By Michelle

Starr: I need to go down to the police department. Cole doesn’t have a dad. He’s probably sitting there all alone. He needs me.

Dorian: I do feel badly for him. I mean, if Marty murdered Spencer --

Starr: Hey, just because she was arrested doesn’t mean that she’s guilty. You should know that more than anyone, aunt Dorian.

Blair: Hey, why don’t you watch your tone there?

Starr: You, too. Marty hasn’t been arrested as many times as you have.

Dorian: Watch your tone!

Blair: It doesn’t mean that she’s innocent, Starr.

Dorian: And there’s a first time for everything, even murder.

Blair: Yeah.

Starr: You two are absolutely unbelievable.

Blair: Are you calling Cole?

Starr: No, Mom, I am calling a cab to get me there! I have a lot of experience keeping parents out of jail.

Blair: Well, put your phone away. Come on, I'll take you. Come on.

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