OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 7/18/07

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 7/18/07


Provided By Michelle

Dorian: Viki's feelings for David seem very genuine. I mean, she's been singing his praises to anybody who would listen about how generous and brave, how delightful he is.

Clint: "Give me $10 million or I'll let your daughter die" -- that's pretty damn delightful, all right.

Dorian: Well, now that she thinks that he selflessly saved her daughter's life, it's going to bring them even closer together.

Clint: I don't know. David's planning on leaving town.

Dorian: Oh. He can't do that, not for a while anyway for obvious health and legal reasons. But, Clint, the longer that they stay close to each other, well, the harder the fall it's going to be when -- when he takes her money and runs.

Clint: Well, Dorian, he doesn't need her money, remember? He's got mine.

Dorian: As far as David is concerned, too much is not enough.

Clint: Dorian, any time now you can stop beating around the bush, ok? Because I know that you want me to break my promise to David and tell Viki what he did.

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