OLTL Best Lines Monday 6/25/07

One Life to Live Best Lines Monday 6/25/07


Provided By Michelle

David: Ow! Please let go of my finger!

Roxy: You were trying to snag one of my room keys, weren’t you?

David: No -- ow!

Roxy: I'm not letting go until you admit it.

David: Ok. Yes, I was, I was. I was trying to steal a key. Now please let go of my finger. Ah. I most certainly was not.

Roxy: You just said that you were.

David: A person will say anything when their life is on the line. That confession was forced -- it will never stand up in court.

Rex: Then what were you reaching for?

David: You. I dropped a cufflink or a contact. I thought it might've dropped behind there.

Rex: You were trying to snake a room. Vintage Vickers.

David: I've change you know, since your son mentions it, though, do you happen to have a room available?

Roxy: No.

David: What if the president showed up?

Roxy: This president?

David: Eisenhower.

Roxy: Oh, him. Oh, yeah, well, I think I could find a room for him.

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