OLTL Best Lines Monday 6/4/07

One Life to Live Best Lines Monday 6/4/07


Provided By Michelle

Miles: Marty? Hi. Itís good to see you.

Marty: Are you following me?

Miles: I was here first.

Marty: I canít deal with you right now. I am here for Jessica and her family.

Miles: Well, that would be me. I'm her uncle, remember?

Marty: I'm going to go see her.

Miles: I'll go with you.

Marty: Would you just stop it?

Miles: What, I canít see my niece?

Marty: Leave me alone.

Miles: So I guess this means you donít have an answer for my proposal.

Marty: Your proposal is blackmail. What, either I marry you or you hurt John? You insinuated as much. And you gave me 24 hours to decide.

Miles: Yeah, do you really need that long?

Marty: Donít push me. All I'm thinking about is Jessica right now, and you should be, too. Although, I donít think you can care about anybody but yourself.

Miles: That is not true, Marty. I care about you more than anything in this world.

Marty: No. You're just warped.

Miles: No, I'm not, Marty. I would die for you.

Marty: I wish you would, right now.

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