OLTL Best Lines Wednesday 5/30/07

One Life to Live Best Lines Wednesday 5/30/07


Provided By Michelle

Marty: Letís just say you donít strike me as the violent type.

David: Well, you should see the other guy. Oh, thatís right, you canít, because heís dead.

Marty: You didnít kill your brother, David.

David: You know, Marty, there is an old saying that goes "motive plus opportunity equals the means to scissor-stab someone in a hospital." And if for any reason, thatís not clear to you, you can check out the digital photo from the surveillance cam. Or maybe even my signed confession. I think it was the signed confession that really sealed it.

Marty: Yeah, you know, in addition to being a psychiatrist, I'm also a trained profiler.

David: You should wear a cape and solve crimes.

Marty: You donít have the guts to kill someone.

David: Then you donít know me as well as you think you do.

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